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First of all it is very important for you to understand this: This proposal is not to have you as an employee, we want to work together, we want you as a partner.


You may find it strange at first and not understand it, but let us ask you to give us some credit in minutes a credit only big enough for you to read the lines below.

Believe us, as we want you as our future partner, we want you to reach your financial independency, doing what you always did… teach English.

But we want you to continue teaching English with a good financial return, financial success.

So, to be able to reach that, to achieve that as a teacher…


we want you

Give yourself an opportunity to do a professional change in your teaching career.

One man English Course

Really? One teacher English Course? Is that possible?  Believe us. Today it is.

Ok. How will it work?

…as we said  at the beginning  “one man English Course”, may sound strange but get yourself some minutes to think about the details below about your “One man English Course”.

  1. Your exact size;
  2. No previous investment required;
  3. No big expenses;
  4. Excellent teaching for your students
  5. More profitable than teaching at any regular school or English course;

Have you ever thought having your own English Course?

A course exact your size, as good as you can make it,

with all the quality you are able to give it, as good as you are?

And guess how much you will have to spend to start working with us? Nothing.

Be sure of this: As we already said, We don’t want you as our employee, we want you as our future partner.

That is why it will cost you nothing. We are going to work together. 

Give us a chance to show and prove it to you.

First moment: “Quality teaching” – Our aim, our goal  

We strongly believe that dividing efforts and experience, is the shortest way for every single teacher working by himself,  but not alone to achieve success.  Using our methodology and follow up, you will be able to teach your students on private or regular group classes either presence or through the internet, in this case, using any APP you approve. Your student will receive a certificate after the conclusion of each term and also a diploma at the conclusion of the course. And also, according to our follow up available to every student of yours if he has any doubt, and by any chance you are not at hand at that moment, he can contact us directly  and we will help him…free of charge.

 “Colaboration is the key to rise creation, innovation and productivity.”

Through the last 20 years we have been accumulating significant knowledge as far as teaching English (and not losing students) is concerned and… we are ready to divide this experience with you.

Second moment: You are with us.

Of course, after you’ve read the lines bellow, we assume there is a great chance Everybody’s English  will be your English teaching school from now on, and as we’ve  already  said, it will cost you nothing to use our methodology, student asistence and teaching structure.

It doesn’t matter if you teach only in Brazil or in any other country in Latin America, we are ready to work together.

Be sure of this: We don’t want you as an employee, we want you as our future partner.


After you have become one of ours, if you want end permit, your name, address and telephone will be added to our website. Then we will have two situations:

  1. The new students near your area visiting our website will be able to contact you directly.
  2. The new students, who contact the course directly from the web site, will be sent to the nearer teacher.

Working together is much better – If you really want to have financial success being an English teacher you have to gather the maximum quality possible to your teaching, and this you can only get when you work together, when you have someone with experience near you, and be sure, we will and other teachers also will.

Big companies will open their doors for you, using either your CNPJ or ours.

When your students feel they have at their disposal, at any time:

  • Good quality teaching with a fair price which, as you won’t have big monthly expenses, you will be able to offer;
  • A good and reliable teaching structure on which they can count on;

On this set up, your financial success is only a matter of time, in fact a short time.

You will also have your own professional e-mail similar to this, which you may use if you like:


If this proposal might interest you, send your curriculum vitae to:

Soon we’ll contact you back with more information.


Everybody’s English

Roberto Font

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